Thank you for stopping by our DSL Speed Test website. Having been online for several years we have suffered through days of slow internet connections from DSL providers who have not delivered the goods. With that in mind we have created some helpful information based on our past experience.

Everyday we are getting blasted with new levels of DSL connection speed from all the different Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The problem is that keeping track of what you are receiving compared to what you are receiving from your ISP. Having used several different companies we know that the levels of services can change from day to day and sometimes the technology can not deliver what the marketing department created in a sales pitch.

So we have created different sections on our website that should help you address some basic needs. We have a simple tips area with some tried and tested solutions for common DSL speed issues. Before you end up speeding several hours (or minutes) on hold talking to someone who might not actually be living in Canada you can try to solve your DSL issues with our quick tips section. Having spent time on the phone we know the script that the techs use we can hopefully spot some common problems.

Another common issue is the actually speed of the DSL connection that you are actually receiving. Make sure you double check your monthly bill and see what you should be receiving. With that info on hand you can use our list of Canadian DSL Speed test websites were you can test your actually connection speed. Note that just testing from your ISP listed website might not give you an accurate result. We also suggest using the list of other DSL Speed test websites.

Hopefully this quick tips and our resources can address your concerns before you end up spending time in tech support land.